Dine11 Marin believes in the power of a win-win operation: by uniting the generosity of our community and simultaneously addressing multiple critical needs, we can comfort, heal and thrive as one Marin. 

As the pandemic continues to unfold and the local shelter-in-place order is adjusted accordingly, the economic, social and emotional impacts will continue to evolve in the months to come. To quickly respond and deliver support

where it is needed most. Dine11 Marin's model is adaptive and our priority is clear: we deliver food-related support to Marin communities most directly and indirectly impacted by the current health and economic crisis. 

Donations to Dine11 Marin Support

Marin Restaurants


Restaurants are more than a place for meals. They foster community both in the dining room and in the kitchen. When Dine11 Marin purchases meals from restaurant partners, our donors are contributing to job retention, employee paychecks and sustainable morale.



Many residents have lost their source(s) of income as businesses have been forced to close. Demand at local food pantry locations has tripled and many leave empty-handed. Dine11 Marin aims to fill this gap by delivering restaurant gift certificates and meals to food distribution sites.

Healthcare Workers


Frontline nurses, doctors and administrators in our hospitals and senior facilities are working

overtime under the most stressful conditions. They are the true heroes of this time. Dine11 Marin delivers strength and love in the form of delicious meals from our beloved restaurant partners.

Our Impact since 4/10:

21,264 Restaurant Meals Delivered (as of 10/1/20)

28 Marin Restaurant Partners Supported

24 Facilities Engaged and Nourished 



Dine11 Marin for Healthcare supports both our beloved restaurants in Marin and our local healthcare heroes while giving donors a way to collectively express gratitude and unite in our support during the COVID-19 crisis.


Our local restaurants play an essential role in enabling the community we love in Marin. By purchasing meals from restaurants at this crucial time, Dine11 Marin donors help ensure that restaurants survive this crisis, restaurant employees have a paycheck and hard-working doctors, nurses and crucial team members get the nourishment they need to stay healthy.

With generous, tax-deductible donations, Dine11 Marin for Healthcare purchases meals from local restaurants that follow strict sanitary guidelines for preparing take-out meals. We then deliver those meals to employees at senior living care facilities and Marin hospitals coping with COVID-19.

Dine11 Marin for Neighbors-In-Need 

adapts this powerful, win-win model of support to provide a free, 

additional source of meals to food insecure residents and income for Marin restaurants that helps them to retain and pay employees.

With generous, tax-deductible donations from the community and working in partnership with the SF-Marin Food Bank, San Rafael City Schools, Fairfax San Anselmo Children's Center, Mentor Hamilton, Canal Alliance and the Multicultural Center of Marin, Dine11 Marin for Neighbors-In-Need:

1) distributes gift certificates to residents in food pantry lines which can be redeemed at participating Canal-area restaurants for meals, and

2) delivers restaurant meals purchased with donations to local food pantries and distribution sites.

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Dine11 Marin for Neighbors-In-Need

Why...from partners

"We are honored to partner with Dine 11 Marin. This fantastic organization is helping to bridge the gap, allowing us to stay open in these uncertain times. Icing on the cake -- we get to feed the incredible health care heroes in our community. Win-Win Dine 11 Marin! Love and gratitude to you all." 

The Lodge Owners Lori and Brian Bruckner

"Late March, we sadly had to close our doors due to the COVID-19.  While we were closed, we looked for a way to give back to the community. Nothing we found was a fit for us. Then we learned about Dine11 Marin and their mission, and we knew this was a home run.  The lunches we provided their healthcare teams allowed us to re-open our doors, re-hire our staff and help feed our community's healthcare workers.  Since we began, we have had numerous healthcare personal reach out to thank us, compliment the healthy meals and support us with take-out.  We are honored to partner with Dine11 Marin and look forward to continue feeding the frontline heroes."

Magnolia Park Kitchen Owner Robert Wellbeloved

"With the meals from Dine11 Marin, I don't have to go outside [to get food] and be exposed to any other virus I could bring back in the building. It matters more than anyone can imagine!"

Drake Terrace Nurse

"We are so unbelievably grateful to partner with Dine11 Marin in their mission to support small businesses and feed healthcare HEROES. My husband and I recently became the new owners in January. Never would we have imagined that we would be starting our new business venture in this capacity. It has been a blessing and honor working with Dine11 Marin to know that we can support our community, make sure our employees' jobs are secure and continue the legacy of Perry’s Deli. Dine11 Marin’s sense of community and connectivity is keeping folks together and persevering during these extraordinarily trying times." 

Perry's Deli Owners Paul and Kacie Schilling


"Canal Alliance is grateful to Dine11 Marin for providing gift certificates for local restaurants to residents of the Canal neighborhood. This is a wonderful and generous way to support businesses in the Canal while also 

providing meals for people who need them -- food insecurity in the Canal is particularly high right now. Thank you to Dine11 Marin for supporting the immigrant community and

our local businesses."

Omar Carrera, Canal Alliance CEO



Born in Los Angeles...when Chris Sey, Lola Glaudini, Tom Pace, Justin Warfield and Brooke Thatawat witnessed how COVID-19 immediately challenged the hard-working medical staff at a nearby hospital. This observation coupled with a shared concern for the Los Angeles restaurant industry that was rapidly losing business and at-risk for job losses and mass closures, led to the creation of Dine11.


The founding team quickly mobilized to collect donations in order to purchase meals from a favorite local restaurant for a hospital ER teamOne short month later, Dine11 Los Angeles was supporting 50+ restaurant partners and numerous local hospitals.

Moved to Marin. Similar to Dine 11 in Los Angeles,

healthcare workers and restaurants in Marin faced significant immediate challenges at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and shelter-in-place orders. Thanks to friendships and connections, Executive Director Jennifer Lefferts learned about Dine11 in L.A. and the founding group's willingness to share their win-win model.


After mobilizing a team of volunteers, Dine11 Marin was launched and immediately embraced by volunteers and donors who want to help in this difficult time. In response to the growing need for food among at-risk populations in Marin, Dine11 Marin has adapted and expanded its local model to deliver food support to neighbors in need.

National expansion. Dine11 is now operational in seven regions: Los Angeles, Marin, San Francisco, New York City, Long Island, North New Jersey and Washington D.C. Collectively, the non-profit organizations and their donor and volunteer networks have enabled the delivery of thousands of meals to healthcare heroes and at-risk local populations while making it possible for restaurants to operate and pay employees.

Together, we can support and Heal our communities!


Tax-Deductible.  Larkspur resident Laurie Dubin has volunteered her non-profit organization, Be the Influence (EIN is 82-5093627), to be Dine 11 Marin's fiscal sponsor. Donations to Dine 11 Marin are tax-deductible, to the extent allowable by law. 



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